Our Mission

Children, specifically middle school girls, are not taught the importance of confidence, trying new things, and making acquaintances with people outside of their demographic. Girls struggle with finding their voice in a world that praises individuality, while simultaneously hiding behind a keyboard to tear apart the exact things that define a girl’s uniqueness. Their confidence in themselves starts to decline. They lose their bravery--bravery to raise their hand with a question in class; bravery to speak up against what they believe is wrong; bravery to be anything less than perfect. They start to see a “girl vs. girl” or “mean girl society” normality forming. They are exposed to a society who’s created an impossible norm for girls to grow and thrive in.

Bring It Push It Own It strives to create a space for girls to express themselves outside of the typical environment, make new friends, encourage other girls, and build leadership skills with the use of physical activities (fun workouts) and guided workshops. Bring It uses a 3-part dynamic for its program: a physical activity that gets the girls active and endorphins pumping; mentoring workshops that engage the girls in conversation about issues they may be facing every day; and an obstacle mud run used as a metaphor for what life may throw at them. Bring It wants to show the girls that by using their inner strength, they are capable of anything they set their mind to! 




Light in me...

"What Tisha does through Bring It is a blessing as she helps local girls to be strengthened and empowered in themselves and in their area making a difference for a kinder girl world. I have been with her since the beginning as a middle schooler and grew with her and this program as I went on she saw this light in me to inspire other girls and to be role model for these girls which has really shaped my character as I became a mentor and to be the person I am today. Every year she strengthens girls to bring their "A game", push to overcome our obstacles in life and install confidence in ourselves and own who we are."

— Celeste, Bring It Mentor