Get Out of Your Box

Weekly Workouts Spark A Bond That Cannot Be Broken


Studies show that trying something new has amazing benefits. Overcoming fears, learning about yourself, and sparking creativity are some of the payoffs that accumulate when you get out of your box. Some of the underlying lessons learned by trying new things can be carried into all aspects of life. It takes quite a bit of humility to start as a beginner. As a result, patience with other people, and even yourself, is developed. That patience turns into encouragement, even for the small victories. Bring It's main goal is to get the girls out of their box each week with a different physical activity or workout.

Every Saturday, the girls gather in the lobby in front of the group exercise gym at Spiece Fieldhouse. Still tired from being up before noon, smiles start to cross their faces as they see their friends trickle in for the day's workout. 

There are whispers of what the workout might be. "Do you think it's Kick?" "Maybe it's Zumba?" The excitement of the unknown shows on each girl's face. 


One of the goals of Bring It is to expose the girls to things they may not normally get the chance to experience. By participating in a new workout each week, the girls are able to see that there are other ways to be active that don't include playing a sport for her school or club. Girls who think they are "not athletic" because they "didn't make the team" are able to come each week and see what they are physically capable of outside of playing sports. 



By the end of the 10 week rotation, the girls participate in an obstacle run. The run includes a rope wall, tunnels, tire wall, climbing wall, monkey bars, and lots and lots of water and mud. The girls challenge themselves physically and mentally to complete the obstacle run. This metaphor for life shows the girls that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. It shows them that the most important thing they can do is keep moving forward; that they can leave all of the bad behind them and persevere if they set their minds to it. 

The obstacles in the run are not easy. The girls must overcome an enormous amount physical challenges. Some of them seem almost impossible for the girls to complete. When self doubt starts to creep in, one of the other girls is right there to offer an encouraging word to help make it through. She helps get the other girl's mind right to make it through the race. Finally across the finish line, each girl is changed in such a profound way. They can see for themselves that they are capable of so much more than they could ever imagine. All they have to do is BRING IT, PUSH IT, OWN IT.

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